Thursday, April 10, 2014

Finishing Touches For My Closet

My closet has been in it's final stretch state for awhile.  Why?  Because I'm not the best at budgeting for finishing touches.  I know they are what "makes" a room but I always fail to properly account for them.  If I account for the artwork, I forget the frame.  If I think about the drapes, I forget about the hardware.  Next thing I know, a simple room "refresh" ends up costing hundreds more than what I ever thought.  This is always something that gets me and I hate it!  I would rather splurge for the perfect quality sofa that I'll love years longer and live with bare walls than get something I like a lot less but have the room be "done."

I'm going to use the above as my shopping list moving forward with the closet.  This design is perfect for me - a mix of old & new!  I'm able to work in multiple elements that I consider my staples (leather, brass hardware, dark paint) and layer in some more "trendy" pieces that I've still been eyeing for awhile.  

I think the jewel tones in the pouf & painting will be the perfect pop for the space. They're a little girlie but not in your face and the terrarium & mirror helps to tie room in with the over design in our home.

As you can see from the below picture, the painting progress hasn't gotten very far but I LOVE that I pulled the trigger and painted the white trim that was once casing the built-in drawers!  You can see the before's here.  I think I've decided to paint everything (wood paneling & drawer fronts) the dark wall color.

This post is in partnership with One Kings Lane, I have not been paid or perked for this.  They did ask me to mention their Home Decor Shopping Handbook and I felt like the tips in this one (Unleash Your Inner Hipster) is relevant for both my personal style and the design direction of our home.  If you're looking for a guide that breaks down how to pair old & new, I highly recommended it!  


  1. I love everything about this plan! The knobs are gorgeous, the print is so great and the blues and greens will look great in your house. I agree though about the details - they're so hard and expensive to pull together!

  2. I love it!! The pulls and the pouf [!!!]

  3. I agree with Caroline! The pulls and the pouf!!! I really want a pouf

  4. I love all of your ideas. Everything will come together beautifully!

  5. That's a really beautiful print


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