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2013 Resolutions Update - January

Am I the only one that can’t believe it’s already February!?!?!  Seriously,  I blinked and January was over.  Any who, I’m a couple of days late in updating y’all on my 2013 Resolutions.  This may be more for me than for you fine readers but I’m hoping that by doing a monthly update I’ll feel more motived and driven to focus on this list.  For any new comers, here is my original post stating my resolutions for 2013.

Number One: Life Organization

HSR EC Planner 1

I think I’m doing pretty good with this one.  I tackled our master bathroom this month, which was HUGE for me!  I’m continuing to use my planner (Erin Condren Life Planner)on a daily basis.  Seriously, I don’t leave the house without it, I changed purses just so I could carry it with me at all times.  The stickers are a little piece of heaven, I swear.  They are get for making big reminders pop on pages full of other things that need done or are planned.

Number Two: Patience

This continues to be pretty hard for me.  I’ve recognized another problem I have, trying to do too much in the time that I have.  With a full time job and trying to  blog regularly I often find that my list of things to do on a given night rarely gets completed.  At first I blamed laziness as I do believe that I have a case of the winter blues lately but, in general, I think I need to trim back my nightly list of things I want to accomplish.  Seeing numerous thinks unchecked has started to get to my head lately which just makes me feel guilty, lazy, and over all just a little crappy.  I’m only one person and can only get so much done in a day, I need to own up to that and get some PATIENCE!!!

Number Three: Give Thanks

This is something that I think I would always improve on.  My life is filled with so many blessings and its extremely humbling to sit back and realize what you have and give thanks.  I find myself doing this in the car on my way home from work and in the mornings getting ready.  At one point these were two times of my day where I found myself kinda frustrated, I like my sleep and I hate my commute.  Since I’ve started concentrating on the good during a time I used to be down, I’ve slowly started to notice that I’m happier in general.  Random acts of kindness are another time that I really try to slow down and be happy.  I feel like those moments are becoming rare in society, which is just silly. 

Number Four: Happy Healthy

Hmmm…I’m not quite sure where I stand with this one.  In the past week or two I’ve really tried to concentrate on what I’m eating again.  Coming off of the holidays is always hard and I have yet to get back to the gym.  Chris did ask me yesterday if I’ve lost weight so I’ll consider that a good sign.  I honestly don’t know if I have or not since I’m generally trying to steer clear of the scale, this is about being happy with my body, not a number.  I’ve had a really big itch to get back to my spin class, I’m hoping that can happen soon but my commute makes it tricky.

Number Five: Faith

I’m going to be 100% honest.  This hasn’t even been a topic of conversation this month, which makes me sad.  Chris’ work schedule will be brutal for the next 2-3 months but that really isn’t an excuse. 

Number Six: Clothes

HSR BM Dress

This is actually the resolution that I get most excited about.  I don’t know why but I love that I’ve challenged myself with something like this for the year.  January was a success!  I did buy a bridesmaids dress (above) and will be needing to buy whatever shoes the bride desires.  However, I do not consider this to be breaking my rule, these things must be purchased and I can’t freaking wait to dance in my pretty dress!

Number Seven: Read

I have actually started a book this month, Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.  Chris read this book about a year ago and I promised him I would read it too.  Seeing that I made reading a priority this year I thought I would go with something that I already promised the hubs I would do.  If you have any good, easy reads, you would recommend, please share!!

Number Eight: Marriage

HSR Honeymoon

Let’s just take a minute to giggle at that picture!  It was taken on our honeymoon and unfortunately, it’s one of the few of the two of us.  I’m sharing this particular pic because I’m currently freezing and wishing I was somewhere warmer with my bearded fella.  Married life is pretty awesome!  We’ve continued with our monthly date nights and try to do as much together as we can right now with his schedule.  Over time I feel like we’ve realized what the important things are.  We forgive quicker and apologize sooner.  Getting to that point in your relationship is amazing.  I never actually expected anything to change after we got married.  We’ve been living together for almost 5 years, we are who we are.  Somehow, completely unexpectedly things did change.  They got better!  The true feeling of being a team for the rest of our lives set in and it’s sweet!

How is everyone else doing with their resolutions?  What were your resolutions?  Did you make them broad or supa specific?  Do you have any good books you can recommend or a fun date night idea?  I would love to hear from you!!!


  1. I would always recommend a comedy club. Laughter is the best medicine.

  2. Oh and I'm training for a 5K in March. We should run one together sometime this year. I know they're doing a zombie fun!

  3. Good thinking! I would love to do a 5k again! Let me know when the races are that you're looking at.


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