Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kitchen Reveal!

In the two years that I've been blogging, this will definitely be the most exciting post I've shared with you!  When we set to renovate the kitchen, we wanted to update it enough to get us to a point where we could live with it for another 5-7, which is when we thought we would either want to do a big renovation (think adding on and taking out walls) or move.  I'm happy to say this renovation got us exactly what we wanted out of the space and more!

The only thing we kept from the original kitchen was the cabinetry.  Since we weren't changing the footprint, this made the most sense.  We refinished the cabinets and ended up having to buy new doors after we lost the originals to some water damage while they were being stored in our garage.   

Updating our countertops is actually one of my favorite projects I did to complete this update.  I still owe you guys a post on how we cut, stained, & sealed them!  The process took a couple of weeks to complete but it was super easy and only took about 20-30 minutes a night.

The wall sconce is definitely the most beautiful piece we added.  The lighting situation in the kitchen was a bit jinky before and this addition makes everything safer while keeping all of the old functionality we had before.

The new farmhouse basin sink and faucet have been amazing!  Our old sink and faucet were much smaller and the neck of the faucet was much lower which made it hard to get some larger pots & pans under it for cleaning.  We debated a larger option for the sink but in the end it would have made things a bit tighter on space.  

I had been planning on updating the old stone window sills during the renovation but as soon as we got the new tile up we suddenly loved them.  

Now lets talk about this gorgeous tile.  A huge part of this renovation wouldn't have been possible without the kind folks at The Tile Shop!  They graciously gifted us everything needed for the tiling portion of this project and it was love at first sight for me with this textured subway tile.  The tile is the game changer for this kitchen!  Prior to the renovation we had old laminate counters that had the 2 or 3 inch lip around the back without a backsplash.  Everything was original and nothing about the kitchen felt special or had any personality of its own.  Now this little kitchen of ours has as much special & personality as it can hold, all thanks to the beautiful tile!

New hardware always seems to be one of the tweaks that packs a lot of punch and these pulls are no different.  Our previous hardware dated the room (along with so many other things).  I purposely decided to do the whole mixed metal thing with the hardware, faucet, & wall sconce.  I was on the fence during the middle part of the renovation but everything came together so well and I couldn't be happier; I even think Chris was surprised by how much he liked it!

I definitely think marble cutting boards are the way to go when you have butcher block counters.  I've been collecting wood cutting boards and my step dad has made a few for me so we decided to display those in the open uppers to break up the sea of white.

This next view gives you an idea of the size of the space that we had to work with.  It's not very much but it's still the largest kitchen we've had so far!  You're also able to see the awesome floor tile as well!  This stuff has been a game changer for our dog (and us).  I know that seems crazy but Zeke likes to take a running start from the back of our yard when he comes in and he used to slide across the old floor like crazy.  This new tile gives his paws a bit more traction and keeps him from sliding into that back wall.  You think I'm joking but it happened once...running starts are his favorite!  (If you imagine you're taking this picture below, the back door is behind you and the entry to our dining room is on the right)

As you can see, Zeke approves!  Such a little helper he is, I love that face!

We also decided to add a tiled accent wall with traditional subway tile along the back side of the kitchen.  We debated a herringbone pattern or this basket weave pattern and I'm SOOOOO HAPPY that we went with basket weave.  While herringbone is beautiful, this pattern just works with our home a bit better.  It's not quite as fancy as herringbone but it fits into the utilitarian modern style that we have throughout the rest of the house. 

I thought about painting the microwave stand some fun pop of color but decided it would work best in the space if I replicated the base cabinetry.  While we were at it I figured it would probably be best if I added a bottle opener to the front of it ;)  

So there you have it!  Our kitchen is DONE!  What do y'all think?  Do you love it as much as I do?  I debated changing up the styling after I shared the sneak peek but in the end I wanted to share it when it's style for everyday use.  Sure I tried to style it as pretty as possible but this is how we live in the space and we've found it very functional for our needs!

I still owe you guys a few more posts on the kitchen so be looking for one on the counters.  I also want to do some before & after comparisons and maybe some small kitchen organization.  Later this week I'll be sharing the sources for everything so be ready for that!  However, if you want to know the exact names for all of the tile we used in this space you can check out this post.

Thank you all for your excitement and encouraging support during this project!  It took us over a year to complete this project ourselves and all of you have been amazing during that time!  It meant the world to me!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Finishing Touches For My Closet

My closet has been in it's final stretch state for awhile.  Why?  Because I'm not the best at budgeting for finishing touches.  I know they are what "makes" a room but I always fail to properly account for them.  If I account for the artwork, I forget the frame.  If I think about the drapes, I forget about the hardware.  Next thing I know, a simple room "refresh" ends up costing hundreds more than what I ever thought.  This is always something that gets me and I hate it!  I would rather splurge for the perfect quality sofa that I'll love years longer and live with bare walls than get something I like a lot less but have the room be "done."

I'm going to use the above as my shopping list moving forward with the closet.  This design is perfect for me - a mix of old & new!  I'm able to work in multiple elements that I consider my staples (leather, brass hardware, dark paint) and layer in some more "trendy" pieces that I've still been eyeing for awhile.  

I think the jewel tones in the pouf & painting will be the perfect pop for the space. They're a little girlie but not in your face and the terrarium & mirror helps to tie room in with the over design in our home.

As you can see from the below picture, the painting progress hasn't gotten very far but I LOVE that I pulled the trigger and painted the white trim that was once casing the built-in drawers!  You can see the before's here.  I think I've decided to paint everything (wood paneling & drawer fronts) the dark wall color.

This post is in partnership with One Kings Lane, I have not been paid or perked for this.  They did ask me to mention their Home Decor Shopping Handbook and I felt like the tips in this one (Unleash Your Inner Hipster) is relevant for both my personal style and the design direction of our home.  If you're looking for a guide that breaks down how to pair old & new, I highly recommended it!  

Monday, April 7, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Hey Friends!  Sorry to be away for so long, this brief absence definitely was not planned but just kind of happened.  I'll do my best to make this a quick summary of everything over the past week or so and then get back to blogging...I've missed you guys!

On Friday, Jennifer shared this quick & easy DIY Faux Concrete Planter project over on her blog.

Please continue to send your thoughts and prayers to Jennifer & her family!  They had their baby girl last week!!!

THE KITCHEN IS DONE!!!!  Yep...you heard it!  On Tuesday we had our contractor in to hang our cabinet doors and do (what we hope is the last) of the drywall fixes that occurred after we had a leaky roof for the second time nearly a year ago!  I still need to do something styling and paint touch ups but we could not be happier with the kitchen.

Chris' aunt came in from Germany Tuesday night so we drove down to visit with her but her flight ended up being delayed...boo!

Wednesday was normal but I started getting a cough which I thought was allergies or something.

Thursday I stayed home from work...my cough was not allergies.  The contractor came back to do some sanding on the drywall and to fix a handle in the kitchen (somehow a screw broke within 24 hours).  I went to the doc only to be told I hadn't been sick enough for long enough and she sent me home...insert confused face here.

Friday was hell.  Went to Urgent Care instead of our family doc and finally got drugs!  I'll spare you all the details but I'm so happy to be off the couch and back to normal(ish) today!  Sunday was a day for disinfecting & lots of laundry (w/Chris' help since I'm still getting winded easily).

As cheesy as this may sound, after this past week I'm so very thankful for my health.  It's weird how normal can feel so great, which only goes to prove how much we can take for granted.  Life is good!

Happy Monday Friends!

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