Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our Guest Bath

Our guest bath has been one of those rooms that we really haven't had to do too much with.  After a failed attempt with a pale teal, this list room got the royal Quill treatment like the rest of our first floor.  This is also the first time that I've painted the ceiling of a room the same color as the walls, and I must say that I'm a fan.

I wouldn't say this room is finished but in an effort to share a more real time/real life view on the blog here it is.  Ultimately I would like to swap out that DIY artwork above with something else along with a rug swap, preferably something vintage.

This little window sill is probably my favorite in our whole house.  It's the original marble, but it's the only one in the house that is white.

The frame on the mirror along with the sconces (seen in first picture)  were mis-matched for the longest time.  I'm not sure why they weren't painted the same color but part of the updates for the room included a fresh coat of black paint for everything...you know the oil based kind that is good for metal but bad for clean up?  Yeah...that stuff.  Insert frustrated face here, I got that crap all over me (as I usually do when I'm painting) and it's super fun to wash off...it's opposite day.

Here's something embarrassing.  I couldn't freakin' figure out how to style a toilet for ages.  Seriously. Then on Saturday I was like "lets try the aloe plant in that cruddy pot down in the basement."  Boom. Hashtag nailed it.  At least for my font & aloe loving heart.

I swear, when I take the pressure off of myself to "finish" a room and have it be perfect, everything just seems to fall into place.  Sure I'm still wanting to make a few changes but after three years in this house, I'm realizing that the swap outs and tweaks are just my norm and I'm finally okay with it.  

Oh yeah, and that basket with extra tp may be my favorite Goodwill score ever.  I've also hidden another basket inside of it for trash.  

This definitely isn't one of those brand-spankin-new room reveals but I really couldn't be more excited to share this room how it is now.  Everything is original to the house except that the wall tiles outside of the shower were painted by a previous owner.  We have a few cracked floor tiles but I'm learning that's hardly a thing to flip out about.  

I know this is a little bit different than what you're used to seeing here but I hope you like it!

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Art Journaling

If you can't tell, I've been feeling uninspired lately.  Some days I beat myself up over it and others I'm perfectly fine with it.  I realize there is a natural ebb and flow to creativity so I chalked it up to that and went on about my life.

Well, enough is enough.  I want to be inspired!  I want to stop waiting for the perfect moment and just go with it.  So here I am on the topic of art journaling.  Since I would like to work on my photography and writing skills this seems to be fitting.  Once a week, I'll pull a topic from this list, photograph it, and talk about.  I want to challenge myself with the image I capture and how I discuss the topic, but most of all, I really just want to get back to this creative space regularly.

I've kind of sucked at doing any type of series prior to this but I think it has been because I felt constrained.  It is my hope that with the variety of topics and limiting it to once a week I can really stick with it and see some type of success, whatever that may look like.

Wish me luck and feel free to join in and do the same!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wanting more & being happy with less

I think this is an inner debate that many of us have.  Currently, for me, it's home related.  This past weekend we did something that I didn't see coming.  We went to a near by open house and fell in love with the possibilities.  This home checked off all of the boxes I had during our house hunt years ago and even had some bonuses.

That house would be our forever home.  Four bedrooms in total, a two car garage, and a first floor master (our current home is 3 bed/2 bath/1 car garage).  We would grow old there.  We could entertain and host (something we don't really do now and when we do it's limited to nice days when we can utilize our patio).  I would have enough projects to keep me busy on the house for a lifetime (I'm not kidding when I say everything would need to be redone, not a thing has been touched in 30 years).  The home would be more than comfortable if/when kids come into our lives.

However, there are two sticking points.  We are absolutely nutty about our current home and everything that comes with it - the neighbors, the lifestyle we're able to have because of it, & our little neighborhood.  In all honesty, our home could be our forever home.  Even when we were in the midst of a leaky roof, I could look at or think of our home and I would feel so lucky it was ours.  We don't need more.  This home has surely housed more than two people at a time in it's half century life so far and there's no reason why it couldn't again.

The second hold up is the fact that we think this other house is so overpriced that we are debating the mental state of the sellers.  I feel awful for saying that, but it really is delusional.

What will we do?  I feel like I can say with 99.9% certainty that we'll stay right where we are.  The potential of that house makes us feel those same weird emotions during that lust phase of a new relationship.  However, our home is the one that really seems to have our hearts.  The thing that kills me with all of this is the fact that I'm at a point where I crave simplicity and I want to live on less but then I go and look at something that is the complete opposite (and like it... a lot).

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